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He is also the younger brother of Damien and Dani , and heir to the Wytte name. Dorian has short black hair and black eyes. He usually wears shorts and black suspenders on a white shirt with a black ribbon. He also usually wears matching clothes with Dani. After the time-skip, he is shown to have grew pretty tall. He still favours black and white clothes over colorful ones.

Dorian is less outgoing than his twin sister Dani , preferring to read and practice magic. He has tried many times to become friends with Nico , each time Nico would brush him off until later in the story when they begin to get along.

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He is socially awkward but tries to not let that get in his way. Eventually, he makes friends with everyone just a lot slower than Dani. Dorian is a very inquisitive boy that can recognize his skills. Which he often brags about. Dorian is born in a family of witches, a few minutes after his twin sister Daniela. His mother, Angela, who had recently suffered from a traumetic experience, was seriously depressed, so he was mainly taken care of by his father, his older brother and the house's servants.

Since their parents didn't want them to leave the house as Damien did, they were kept unaware of their revenge plan. They tried several times to flee and reach the nearby town, but they were always caught and brought back by their servants. Their family also started to teach them that non-magical people were dangerous, so he eventually became wary of them.

The first day of school, Dorian and his sister arrive too late to catch the bus which should have brought them to the magic school. Dorian sees Dani jumping on her broom to catch up to the bus, but he stops her because there are too many non-magical people around. Sadly, the bus teleports and neither of them knows the secret location of the school, so they can't go there by themselves.

Also, since their parents would get angry if they knew Dorian and Dani missed their first year at school, Dorian suggests to find a mentor where they could stay to for the next nine months. While his sister flies with the broom to sort the disordered books faster, Dorian uses a wooden staircase. She complain he is too slow, so he looks in the books for a spell to help with the chore. In a few minutes, he founds and casts a levitation spell and all the books start flying in the air and towards their shelves.

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His sister tries to replicate the spell, but it only only results in Dorian being hit by the flying books. Dorian is saved by Dani, who picks him up with her broom. After all the books are back to their respective places, Dorian, Dani and their cat run to Hilde, but they end up eavesdropping a conversation between her and a servant of hers, the huntsman.

Hilde commands the man to go into the forest and take Snow White 's heart. However, the twins misunderstand the meaning of her words, and to prove they are not useless, they decide to help the huntsman in seducing Snow White.

The twins tail the man at first, but when they see he is a very friendly person, they start with their plan: they wash him, shave his beard, put perfume on him, re-design his jacket, and then give him a bouquet of roses. Pleased to hear that, their aunt gives them a worthier mission for them: take an " enemy of the witches " she caught to the prison. After accepting the task, Dorian and Dani put the prisoner in a cage and start to carry him toward the prison with their brooms.

However, Dorian is not very good at flying and repeatedly hits the trees along the way, so Dani suggests her brother to get on her broom while she carries the cage on her own.

Hooky | Definition of Hooky by Merriam-Webster

This don't last long, though. Dorian is afraid on falling and starts to complain about everything, so his sister orders him to get inside the cage with the delinquent for the rest of the way. At the prison, Dorian and Dani are welcomed by the old wizard who is in charge of it and his guards. The group take the prisoner and head to the dungeons to look him up with other dangerous delinquents.

While on their way there, Dorian is distracted by a fireplace with six dragon eggs on it. They take a train to another town where they meet Nico. They become his apprentices and learn as they would if they were in magic school. Dorian and Dani leave to the Witches Sabbath a few weeks later to find their parents along with Monica and Nico who want to find William.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Playing Hooky

On the way, Dorian saves Monica from a tower trap. The dragon he hatched earlier has grown and comes back to help him. They attempt to ride the dragon to safety, but Dani falls off and Dorian follows her. Photo reconfiguration: Ron Keller. Description Finally! A mega moderate that graces the slabs of Creekside. This is a long 1 pitch route that steers clear of the hard last 2 pitches of Solid Gold, and stays consistent with the difficulty of the first 2 beautiful pitches of that route.

Their efforts on solid gold are the only reason this route was even possible. So we Thank You. Start with the first 2 pitches of Solid Gold. I recommend linking both for a full value foot rope-stretcher. This either takes a lot of draws, or some discipline to skip a few bolts through easier terrain Make sure your belayer is tied in and ready to go, and you belay from the lower of 2 anchors on the ledge. P1: 5. The rock is solid all the way and kicks out a couple of fun spots. P2: 5. It finishes on a ledge at a double bolt belay stance. However, for descent purposes, a higher rap anchor was installed that keeps the rope running clean and off the ledge.

This stance is ten feet higher than the belay stance. P3: 5. Belay on the large grassy ledge at a 2 bolt anchor. Step right from the belay, clip the first bolt, dodge a bush, and embark on feet of fun climbing with a steep exposed finale.

In West Virginia, Playing Hooky Can Get You Locked Up

It is possible to walk to the summit from the top of this pitch. There is an intermediate rap station to the right of the climbing line, this allows you to get down with a 60m rope; a 70m rope will not get you back to the ledge with out this anchor! R1: from the top of Playin' Hooky, rap 90 feet to the intermediate anchor in the slab. R2: knot your ends. Rap feet down to the top of the 2nd pitch of Solid Gold. R3: knot your ends. Rap feet down to the hanging belay at the top of pitch 1. R4: rap feet down to your packs! Location This was the furthest right bolted route on Creek Side.

Now there are more routes to the right. Begin with Solid Gold first 2 pitches, move the belay, and then step right on to a slab. Protection Bolts, bolts, and more bolts! Helmets are certainly recommended. Add New Photo Photo Photo copy. Unknown climber Playin' Hooky. Evening top out on Playin' Hooky as the sun ret…. Photo by Tommy Schuch.

My buddy pulling the last moves on the final pi…. A different perspective of the final moves of t…. As Brenda starts up pitch 4, far below the raft…. Nearing the end of pitch 4.

Yellow: Solid Gold. Solid Gold's P2 is on the lighter gray rock to the right of the red line on P2.

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Awesome view from the top. Climbed this route i….

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Dana chillin' at the top! A view of the nice ledge right below the first…. In the middle of Playin' Hooky on the FA. Show 49 More Photos. Comment Type:. Mountain Project Mountain Project. Please Confirm.