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One of the most surreal things Christie wrote, lol. Introduced to Parker Pyne for the first time, who can resist him. This blog never fails to enlighten, intrigue, I covet the extensive knowledge it takes to write and publish these posts. Congratulations once again on another Passing Tramp post.

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In Kindle form, instant gratification to begin reading. I remember reading these as a young boy and being very confused. I was prepared for another detective, and instead got some mysterious eccentric who wouldn't have been out of place in a short story by wodehouse probably my only other adult reference at the time, i'm sure it would remind me of someone else now. Don't think i liked crime short stories in those days. I gave up halfway through parker pyne, and shortly after did the same with labours of hercules.

I remember avidly reading poirot's early cases though, maybe because that book i had in hardback.

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I never read this as a youngster, or I'm sure I would have had the same response! I wish all the Labours had been made into films back in the s, when Hastings, Japp and Lemon were in the cast. Are you happy? If not, consult Mr. Parker Pyne. Helen October 7, at AM.

Bradley Friedman October 7, at AM. Lucy R. Parker Pyne states quite clearly that he is not a detective but 'a heart specialist'. Deception, accomplices and manipulation are all part of his method of operation and he works to cure unhappiness more frequently than to investigate crime.

Parker Pyne Investigates by Agatha Christie | Waterstones

I was interested to meet Miss Lemon, whom I have always associated with Hercule Poirot, in this story. Mr Parker Pyne not only creates adventure for him, he sends him on a treasure hunt.

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John is frightfully unhappy. She has stolen a diamond and doesn't know how to return it. Pyne has to list this case as one of his failures. Roberts has reached the age of 48, is "happily" married, but feels his life is very dull, so Mr Parker Pyne sends on a dangerous espionage mission to Europe. One of his fellow passengers loses a priceless pearl earring and Mr PP works out why. These were very readable stories without being much more than that. My rating 4. Parker Pyne.

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The other story is one I haven't yet read The Regatta Mystery published in I might have kept this, except it was falling apart. It was fun, the consensus of the debate in the Golden Age Detectives fan site was, this came after Poirot, but sometimes they were interchangeable. They are very similar. To begin with, the stories are not so much mysteries, as sort of fix your life kind of stuff. Further in, the detective actually has to solve a mystery before he can fix the lives of people.

Book of the Month: Parker Pyne Investigates

In this collection of short stories, Mr. Parker Pyne is a middle-aged retiree from a job in statistics, and he applies the knowledge he gained through his work towards the goal of helping make people happy. The first few stories take place in England, and mostly involve Pyne creating elaborate adventures for his clients, that they think are happening naturally. In the second half of the book, Pyne goes on holiday to the Middle East, Egypt, and Greece, and finds himself in the role of detective, solving murders and thefts.

Considering that I am not a fan of short stories, this was quite enjoyable.