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Nesting habits

  1. Breeding habits
  2. Starling Bank is born
  3. Compare the Starling overdraft to other UK banks
  4. Starling | Starling Verification

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Breeding habits

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Starling Bank is born

Summer getaway with a tight budget 6 replies Cebu Pacific booking Online 16 replies Air philippines - online booking 3 replies Best honeymoon spot in the philippines?? View Hotel. Starling Bank has also today unveiled its new brand identity, launching its new website www. Starling Bank is inviting people to sign up on its website to be the first to be invited to open an account.

To learn more, visit the new Starling Bank website at www. For further information on Faster Payments, please contact their press office on or email press fasterpayments. On some operating systems and under certain conditions e. Starling will try to recover from a lost context automatically; to be able to do this, it will cache textures in RAM.

This will take up quite a bit of extra memory, though, which might be problematic especially on mobile platforms. To avoid the higher memory footprint, it's recommended to load your textures with Starling's "AssetManager"; it is smart enough to recreate a texture directly from its origin. In case you want to react to a context loss manually, Starling dispatches an event with the type "Event.

Refer to the "Texture" class for more information.

Per default, Starling handles the Stage3D context itself. If you want to combine Starling with another Stage3D engine, however, this may not be what you want. In this case, you can make use of the shareContext property:. The Starling wiki contains a tutorial with more information about this topic. The ratio between viewPort width and stage width. Useful for choosing a different set of textures depending on the display resolution.

Compare the Starling overdraft to other UK banks

Indicates if the Context3D object is currently valid i. Indicates if Stage3D render methods will report errors. It's recommended to activate this when writing custom rendering code shaders, etc. However, it has a very negative impact on performance, and it prevents ATF textures from being restored on a context loss. Never activate for release builds! A Flash Sprite placed directly on top of the Starling content. Use it to display native Flash components. The painter, which is used for all rendering.

The same instance is passed to all render methods each frame. The Context3D profile of the current render context, or null if the context has not been created yet. The instance of the root class provided in the constructor.

Starling | Starling Verification

The class that will be instantiated by Starling as the 'root' display object. Must be a subclass of 'starling. If you passed null as first parameter to the Starling constructor, you can use this property to set the root class at a later time. Indicates if another Starling instance or another Stage3D framework altogether uses the same render context. If enabled, Starling will not execute any destructive context operations e. This has to be done manually, then. Indicates if a small statistics box with FPS, memory usage and draw count is displayed.

This will only happen if the property skipUnchangedFrames is enabled. Beware that the memory usage should be taken with a grain of salt.

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The value is determined via System. It is recommended to use Adobe Scout for reliable and comprehensive memory analysis. When enabled, Starling will skip rendering the stage if it hasn't changed since the last frame. This is great for apps that remain static from time to time, since it will greatly reduce power consumption. You should activate this whenever possible!

The reason why it's disabled by default is just that it causes problems with Render- and VideoTextures.

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When you use those, you either have to disable this property temporarily, or call setRequiresRedraw ideally on the stage whenever those textures are changing. Otherwise, the changes won't show up. If enabled, the Stage3D back buffer will change its size according to the browser zoom value - similar to what's done when "supportHighResolutions" is enabled. The resolution is updated on the fly when the zoom factor changes.

Effective Starling Control Products: Choose the Right Trap, Repellent, or Deterrent

Only relevant for the browser plugin. Indicates that if the device supports HiDPI screens Starling will attempt to allocate a larger back buffer than indicated via the viewPort size.

The TouchProcessor is passed all mouse and touch input and is responsible for dispatching TouchEvents to the Starling display tree. If you want to handle these types of input manually, pass your own custom subclass to this property. Parameters passedTime :Number. Disposes all children of the stage and the render context; removes all registered event listeners. Calls advanceTime with the time that has passed since the last frame and render. Renders the complete display list.

Before rendering, the context is cleared; afterwards, it is presented to avoid this, enable shareContext. This method also dispatches an Event.